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Eyeconic Angel

Eyeconic Angel

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About DIY Lashes

The perfect DIY lashes that lasts for up to 5 day wear.

  • Enjoy the convenience of salon-quality lashes at a fraction of the cost, saving you hundreds of dollars. 
  • Indulge in the plush and voluminous effect of Whip Lashed, adding depth & allure. It creates a flawless look that blends with your own natural lashes.
  • Easy to apply with our lightweight fibers and amazing adhesive. 
Instructions for DIY Lash Application


Our ”Eyeconic Angel" collection is the perfect way to embrace your inner “Angel” and exude natural beauty and charm. This collection will elevate that flirty “girl-next-door” energy and channel the unique qualities to unlock your inner iconic angel. It’s all about embracing your unique qualities with confidence, grace, and elegance wherever you go and embodying the spirit of a someone who knows their worth, and isn't afraid to take on the world.

Size: 7mm-13mm-10mm

*Includes 6 pairs of lashes. Adhesive & tools sold separately. 

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