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About DIY Lashes

The perfect DIY lashes that lasts for up to 5 day wear.

  • Enjoy the convenience of salon-quality lashes at a fraction of the cost, saving you hundreds of dollars. 
  • Indulge in the plush and voluminous effect of Whip Lashed, adding depth & allure. It creates a flawless look that blends with your own natural lashes.
  • Easy to apply with our lightweight fibers and amazing adhesive. 
Instructions for DIY Lash Application


“Decadence” embodies a profound appreciation for life's luxuries and pleasures, with a love for the finer things. “Decadence” is a celebration of the richness that life has to offer, a reminder to savor life's joys to the fullest.

Size: 11mm-18mm-13mm

*Includes 6 pairs of lashes. Adhesive & tools sold separately. 

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