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5ML Mega Bond Glue Adhesive

5ML Mega Bond Glue Adhesive

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New & Improved Bottle Design features:
- No Bubbles
- No Nozzle Clogging

 Size: 5ML

Works best for experienced lash artists! Classic or volume. 

Shelf life: 6 month unopened / 60 days opened 

Retention: 8-9 weeks

Drying time: .03 second 

Best temperature: 70 - 77 degree F 

Humidity: 40 - 75% RH (If you have less than 40% humidity, it's still just as effective! The dry time goes up to 1 sec under 40% RH)

Low fumes. Minimal burning to the client. 

*At Whip Lashed, a female-owned enterprise, we aim to empower fellow women. Recognizing the economic challenges, we are committed to aiding lash artists. Hence, we've implemented permanent price reductions on our Mega bond adhesive for subscription members.



Keep glue upright and stored in an airtight container with rice. Do not ever refrigerate. Keep away from heat. 

Make sure to shake vigorously before use and always wipe the nozzle after use. 

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